See what our clients are saying about Skweeky Kleen Windows

Testimonail from from A.M. in Washington MO

“I have used Skweeky Kleen for at least 5 years. They never leave a streak or a smudge behind. My windows breathe a sigh of relief when they see the truck coming in the drive! They are always smiling and a more courteous group you will never find.”
A.M., Washington, MO

Testimonial from Andrea L in Sullivan Mo

“We love having S.K. clean our windows. They are very professional + trustworthy + I feel comfortable letting them into my home. Because of their attention to detail, we are loyal repeat customers.”
Andrea L. - Sullivan, MO

Testimonial from CH in St. Louis MO

“Simon and Jeanette are lovely people to have in your home. They are very careful with furniture that must be moved and fragile windows that must be taken down to clean. I would definitely recommend them to clean your windows.”
C.H. - St. Louis, MO

Testimonial from Barbara S. in Sullivan MO

““We are so glad that we heard about the Skweeky Kleen Windows Co. The people are polite and prompt. Our windows sparkle!””
Barbara S. - Sullivan, MO

Testimonial from BD in Washington MO

“Simon and his crew have been doing a wonderful job cleaning our windows for the past 3 years, and we highly recommend them.”
B. D. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Ann M. in Cuba MO

“Skweeky Kleen does a wonderful job on your windows & they are very clean & courteous. It is a pleasure to have them in your home!”
Ann M., Cuba, MO

Testimonial from S.R. in Rolla MO

“My windows are sparkly clean after Simon and his crew get done washing them. They do an awesome job!”
S.R. - Rolla, MO

Testimonial from Donna D. in Gerald MO

““Excellent service. Great job! Cleanest windows I’ve ever had. Good communications and reliability.”
Donna D. - Bourbon, MO

Testimonial from Don K. in Sullivan MO

“I am very satisfied with the way you cleaned the windows. I will use you again & recommend you to others. The price you charged me was reasonable.”
Don K. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Dorris A. in Cuba MO

“I highly recommend this reliable, friendly and professional service. The job isn’t finished until the customer is satisfied and your glass is ‘Skweeky Kleen’.”
Dorris A. - Cuba, MO

Testimonial from E.R. in Sullivan MO

“Skweeky Kleen really does a great job! I can’t reach my windows in my atrium and I don’t have the time to clean the windows myself. Skweeky Kleen really makes the windows look nice”
E.R. - Sullivan, MO

Testimonial from H.S. in Rolla MO

“Skweeky Kleen Windows has been cleaning my home windows for about three years. I am very pleased with their services. They clean the facings and screens along with the windows. I do recommend them to my friends and neighbors.”
H.S. - Rolla, MO

Testimonial from Harold A. in Rolla MO

“I am very satisfied with your results.”
Harold A. - Rolla, MO

Testimonial from Helen L. in Cuba MO

"Very professional and friendly. They come in and get the job done and their attention to detail is outstanding.”
Helen L. - Cuba, MO

Testimonial from F.N. in Pacific MO

“Very thorough as they work with precaution to movement of ladders, etc. so as not to hit, scar or leave moved items. Very polite & courteous.”
F.N. - Pacific, MO

Testimonial from Jaqcue W. in Washington MO

"Great people and a great job on our windows. Not a spot on any that were done. Excellent work. Highly recommend them. Thanks.”
Jacque W. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Jim G. in Rolla MO

"When is the last time you hired a service that was perfect? The Skweeky Kleen Team is very friendly, fast and organized, and our windows were absolutely perfect.”
Jim G. - Rolla, MO

Testimonial from Judy B. in Cuba MO

“Skweeky Kleen has cleaned my windows for the past 3 years. They are so efficient and professional, I recommend them to everyone.”
Judy B. - Cuba, MO

Testimonial from Kathy H. in Cuba MO

“These people are fantastic! I have them once a year and they do an excellent job. They are dependable, trustworthy and extremely good at what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”
Kathy H. - Cuba, MO

Testimonial from M.M. in Bourbon MO

“I thought my house looked 5 yrs younger after my windows were cleaned. A visitor to the house commented on the shiny windows the day after cleaning. Thanx.”
M.M - Bourbon, MO

Testimonial from Lorene D. in Sullivan MO

“I found Skweeky Kleen Windows in Yellow Pages. I called and they gave me a reference I personally knew. After hearing nothing but praise I made my appointment for a visit from them and dollar amount to do the work. I immediately hired them and have had their services in my home for three years and scheduled for 2008. They will also be doing my windows at my business. Very pleased.”
Lorene D. - Sullivan, MO

Testimonial from M.C. in Rolla MO

“Excellent job!”
M.C - Rolla, MO

Testimonial from L.D. in Washington MO

“Simon and Jeanette are friendly and do a great job!.”
L.D. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Natalie F. in Bourbon MO

“I recommend Skweeky Kleen without hesitation for quality, friendly service!”
Natalie F. - Bourbon, MO

Testimonial from Rob C. in Washington MO

“Your Skweeky Kleen crew is fantastic! They’re friendly, courteous, and careful. And they pay great attention to every detail. I’ll recommend you to anyone I know who has windows! Thanks.”
Rob C. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Ron M. in Washington MO

“We have used Skweeky Kleen Windows for three years. They are always great to work with a[nd] do a fantastic job. They are recommended highly and we will continue to use them for our window cleaning needs.”
Ron M. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Shirley B. in Cuba MO

“If you want it done right, don’t do it yourself, call Skweeky Kleen Windows.”
Shirley B. - Cuba, MO

Testimonial from Dick S. in Gerald MO

“Over the years we have had our windows cleaned by several entities. By far Skweeky Kleen is the best all around group we have had. They are courteous, friendly, top notch quality, on time, and take special care of our treasures, clean up with no left over dripping or other signs they had been in our home, except shiny clean windows. By the way, our windows have four sides each with metal blinds in between. We highly recommend them.”
Dick S. - Gerald, MO

Testimonial from Connie G. in Washington MO

“Simon, thank you for a fantastic job! If you are in the area please drop me some business cards. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thank you.””
Connie G. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Tom B. in Sullivan MO

“Great Job, great service.”
Tom B. - Sullivan, MO