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Skweeky Kleen Windows has been providing a professional residential and commercial window cleaning service for residents of Washington, MO and surrounding areas since 2001. We are dedicated to bringing our clients superior customer service and top quality window and gutter cleaning at a reasonable price. Let us help you focus on the view through your windows, instead of the dirt on them!

Testimonial from A.M. in Washington, MO.

“I have used Skweeky Kleen for at least 5 years. They never leave a streak or a smudge behind. My windows breathe a sigh of relief when they see the truck coming in the drive! They are always smiling and a more courteous group you will never find.”
A.M. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Rob C. in Washington, MO.

“Your Skweeky Kleen crew is fantastic! They’re friendly, courteous, and careful. And they pay great attention to every detail. I’ll recommend you to anyone I know who has windows! Thanks.”
Rob C. - Washington, MO

Why does it make sense to have your windows and gutters professionally cleaned?

It adds value to your home.

According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, “A good first appearance on a home or business can add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value". Professional window washing is one of the quickest, simplest and most affordable ways to increase your home's value.

It protects your investment.

The windows in your home or business represent a major investment. Window cleaning should be a part of your regular maintenance schedule. Neglected windows can build up stains over time, from sprinkler systems, aluminum screens, bird and insect deposits, efflorescence from brick or concrete and a host of other sources. Over time those stains can become permanently bonded to the glass. Regular professional washing will keep your windows looking good for years to come.

Windows stay cleaner, longer

Professional window cleaning will deep clean your windows, all the way down to the glass surface. Our clients tell us all the time that when we clean their windows they stay clean for much longer than when they try to do it themselves.

It’s much safer

Why risk climbing up on that rickety old ladder? An emergency room visit will cost a lot more than having an experienced professional window and gutter cleaning service take care of it for you! Our experienced window washing technicians are thoroughly trained in the safe use of all equipment needed to get to your hard-to-reach windows.

Saves you time

Window cleaning is a time-consuming job! If you have a large home, be prepared to spend a day or two washing them yourself. Hiring a professional window cleaning service will allow you to spend that time doing something you enjoy. We do this all the time, so we are quick and efficient. We have all the necessary equipment, and our crew is large enough to complete most jobs in half a day or less.

Better results

Window cleaning is a specialized job. Many homeowners that try to clean the windows themselves end up frustrated because they just don’t seem to be able to get rid of those pesky streaks. A professional window cleaning will eliminate that problem.

It can be surprisingly affordable

Obviously, professional window cleaning will cost you more than doing it yourself! However, when you factor in the cost of all the equipment that you will need to get the same results as the pros (think professional quality applicators and squeegees, extension poles, ladders, microfiber cloths, etc., etc.), then the expense seems more justifiable. Now factor in the amount of time it would take you to do it yourself, and then maybe it doesn’t seem quite so expensive anymore.

Please read on to see what your neighbors in Washington, MO have been saying about Skweeky Kleen Windows LLC:

Testimonial from B.D. in Washington, MO.

“Simon and his crew have been doing a wonderful job cleaning our windows for the past 3 years, and we highly recommend them.”
B. D. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Ron M. in Washington, MO.

“We have used Skweeky Kleen Windows for three years. They are always great to work with a[nd] do a fantastic job. They are recommended highly and we will continue to use them for our window cleaning needs.”
Ron M. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Jacque W. in Washington, MO.

"Great people and a great job on our windows. Not a spot on any that were done. Excellent work. Highly recommend them. Thanks.”
Jacque W. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from L.D. in Washington, MO.

“Simon and Jeanette are friendly and do a great job!.”
L.D. - Washington, MO

Testimonial from Connie G in Washington, MO.

“Simon, thank you for a fantastic job! If you are in the area please drop me some business cards. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thank you.”
Connie G. - Washington, MO

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Let Skweeky Kleen Windows LLC take the stress and hassle out of your window and gutter cleaning. Give us a call today, and let us brighten your view.

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